Every Journey Begins with the First Step Forward

Published on November 30, 2020
by Scott Palasik

Single Step

Have you ever wanted to start a new hobby and did not know where to begin? Perhaps you wanted to learn a new skill and were hesitant to take the first step. Or maybe you wanted to teach others something you know, love, and are passionate about, but you are afraid people would not like to learn from you.


Believe me, I understand. I love to drive. Almost every car I have ever owned (which is somewhere around 14 cars in my life) has been a manual transmission. I remember when I first learned to drive, my father and brother (who both drove cars like seasoned stock car drivers) told me, “First gear is the hardest. Once you master that gear, the rest just keep rolling.” They were right. I have taken this simple truth and apply it to life nearly every day.


One way I have applied my father's and brother's wisdom is in with the way I talk. As a person who stutters, the most challenging thing for me to do is say the first words of a sentence, or thought, without stuttering. Knowing this is challenging for me, I have learned to adjust my approach to speaking and create smaller goals when I move forward with my communication. I may have fears at times to speak, but my focus on my value of expression and sharing with others overpowers my desire to stop moving forward.


The truth is, getting started with anything new can seem (and feel) daunting. But, the most challenging part is taking that first step. That first step requires getting past the fears, the hesitations, and the mindset of failure, in order to move toward success.


At 3C Digital Media Network, we look forward to helping you take those fear-filled hesitations of those first steps about sharing the vital and essential knowledge you have and turn them into success. We do this because we know what it feels like to struggle to move and sometimes struggle to communicate.


We enjoy the process of

turning a struggle into success

and turning fear into determination

and turning hesitation into a movement!

We appreciate you all and all you have to offer the world.


Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate. That IS the 3C way.



With compassion and kindness,


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