Every spring, life lets us know it is ready to breathe, reset itself, and start anew. One of my favorite things to do is watch the flowers emerge from the muddy dirt around the neighborhood on my daily runs or as I walk Aubrey (my 8-month-old English Springer Spaniel).


In the past, I used to enjoy the look of the flowers as they grew. The green of new stems. The bright yellow petals. The striking white of Daffodils as they lead the way in early Spring. There is an appreciation of how one week the rain feels like a way of life until the sun wakes you up and brings color to the world.


In recent years I have found more purpose with flowers rising from the ground. The purpose of their courage to start something new. The courage to harness the energy above the soil to learn how to grow. These things are a reminder of how easy it is to give up on learning, growing, and evolving.


Learning is not easy. It was never meant to be easy. Learning takes the desire to do something new. It requires the need to step outside of our comforting world and branch out. It also takes the courage to know we might not be successful but that we will try our best. Flowers show us their desire for a new life, the need for branching out (literally), and the courage to face the possibility of failure.


Believing in one’s self is a wonderful way to start any learning experience. Setting reasonable and attainable goals (large, medium, and small) is the next step. Start jumping in and making a plan for how to go about this new learning experience. That is where we find it possible to grow from the ground up.


We may not attain the giant goals we set out to do, but remember, growth takes desire. Growth takes courage. Growth takes time and patience. If you do not believe me, look around at the spring flowers. They know a thing or two about courage and growth.


We appreciate you all and all you have to offer the world.


Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate. That is the 3C way.


With compassion, kindness, and appreciation.




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