Recently, a friend of mine asked how I keep my creative juices flowing. The question caught me off guard, so my response was, “it just happens.” But honestly –  I don’t think that I’m very creative. I’ve been labeled as being too introverted and somewhat dull in my daily life. My friend’s question made me start me thinking about creativity and what it means. It turns out I like the process of being creative – not the final product.


The process of creativity is about finding that flow in the task at hand. Much has been written about flow, but I define it as when the outside world melts away. I’m so engrossed in the creative process that time seems to stand still. I love that feeling. I wish that I could achieve that flow state in every task, but that isn’t how it works, not for me.


I think to be creative, we must remain curious about every aspect of our lives. We need to see the world as a child does – in a constant state of wonder. This takes practice. As adults, we’ve unlearned how to be curious about the world, and we need to foster that wide-eyed excitement again. Curiosity should be our guide, whether natural or forced. Being curious will feed our minds in new ways. As Walt Disney said, “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we are curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”


Some ways to introduce curiosity into our lives might be to:

  1. Learn a new language
  2. Start a new hobby
  3. Travel to a new city
  4. Be spontaneous by inviting someone new from your office out for lunch
  5. Taking a new route home from work


When we add new experiences, knowledge, and ideas, we create new neural pathways within our brains. These expand how we think, feel, and see the world. This will also help us find latent sparks that light our imaginations, ideas for a story, new ways to solve a problem, answers to old mysteries, and most importantly, even a new perspective about ourselves.


Steve Jobs once said, “Creativity is just connecting things.” I now understand what he meant. He was speaking about taking a step back to see how elements influence each other. He enjoyed seeing the inter-connectedness of things and situations. Jobs’ vision was to create stylish, user-friendly, and powerful computers that consumers would have in their homes. He thought this would revolutionize the world. He was right.


Like Steve Jobs, I like connecting ideas or concepts to create new ways of doing things or addressing a problem. This idea of connecting to communicate and collaborate at 3C is all about creation. We want you to join us to create new content like webinars, courses, or podcasts that will bring new ideas forward. This is an invitation to be creative, share ideas, and produce new digital products. Will you join us?

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