We Learn More When We ALL Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate!

Published on December 11, 2020
by Tami Bradham

Black Lives Matter

We are experiencing a time of social unrest in our country. While we deal with a global pandemic, an energized vocal majority is focusing on systemic racism while others are deceptively trying to divide us. The touchstone was the recent tragic death of George Floyd while being arrested by four Minneapolis policemen. To our Black community members, we recognize the pain that you feel and acknowledge the daily fatigue you endure with both subtle and overt racism.


When acts of systemic injustice happen against Black Americans, we all must stand up and hold the perpetrators accountable for their abhorrent actions. The recent victims of police brutality and negligence – George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Christian Cooper, and numerous others have created an inflection point in our country. We no longer will accept discrimination against people of color, and we will fight for an America that continually strives to achieve a more perfect union and where we all receive equal justice under the law.


We also acknowledge that law enforcement officers often put their lives in danger for the safety of the communities they serve. Most police officers are committed to honorably protect and serve their citizens. However, those officers who harbor white supremacy and neo-nazi beliefs must be rooted out. Community policing is based on trust, and police departments must be held accountable when their actions cause unjust pain and suffering.


At the 3C Digital Media Network, we are committed to communities of color, and we will continue to share their voices, experiences, and stories on our platform. Furthermore, we are proud to support Black Lives Matter (https://blacklivesmatter.com/), and we commit ourselves and this company to foster an atmosphere of inclusion and acceptance for our staff, collaborators, and consumers. 


At our core, we believe that we learn more when all of us, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or disability, are able to connect, communicate, and collaborate together. That is the 3C Digital Media Network!


~ Todd, Scott, & Tami


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