Luck of the Irish: Learning Leaves us to the End of the Rainbow

Published on March 12, 2021
by Scott Palasik

Luck of the Irish
Luck of the Irish

I am of Irish descent. My grandmother, Muzzy, was 100% Irish. She was very proud of her heritage and passed down that pride to her children and then down to her grandchildren. One of my cousins even breaks out his kilt because of his deep love for our Irish roots. Our version of a funeral is a celebration of that person's life. We toast our lost loved one in the funeral parlor and at the cemetery. And like most Irish, we enjoy some of our ancestors' traditions on March 17th with a lot of corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes.


One of the important aspects of our heritage is the "luck of the Irish." On the surface, this might mean that if you find a four-leaf clover, you will receive good fortunes and riches. However, for us, this term means more. It means togetherness for our family. It is a term of endearment for how LUCKY we are to be a family and to be where we are today. It means we are fortunate to connect with each other so easily and love each other so openly. It also signifies how lucky we are to celebrate each other's successes and be there for each other's stumbles.


For me, The Luck of the Irish signifies how LUCKY I have been to learn from my parents, my family, my friends, and the many experiences in my life. For me, the term "luck" does not merely indicate a random act of generosity. I believe we can make our LUCK to find success. A significant part of creating luck involves the act of learning. If we can learn from our stumbles and our accomplishments, future fortunes may turn out to be limitless.


When I think of the most successful people in their chosen professions, the humble ones might say, "with a little luck, we got where we are." When I hear successful people say this, I interpret their words as, "There were instances of random kindness that went our way, but mostly we learned, adjusted, and got better in order to find success." Success is dependent mainly on learning from our past. Success, like LUCK, can be created.


Let me ask you, where have you been lucky? When you deeply desired something in life, what did you learn along the way in fulfilling that desire? How might you create your luck? Finally, what are you willing to do today to move toward success?


So, dig out your rabbit's feet, find your 4-leaf clovers, and rotate your horseshoes pointing up over your doorway, so the luck does not run out of them. For success can involve random acts of good fortune, but your ability to learn and be proud of what you know is what will pave your golden path to the end of your rainbow.


We appreciate you all and all you have to offer the world.


Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate. That IS the 3C way.


With compassion, kindness, and appreciation,


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