Set Intentions for a New Year of Learning

Published on January 8, 2021
by Scott Palasik

Set Intentions

As we start a new year, we might often think of things we haven’t done lately. I used to think, “Oh, I NEED to run more. I haven’t done that enough.” Or, “I have not had a salad in months. I NEED to eat them every day this year.” Or, “I don’t call my mom enough. I NEED to do that daily this year.” We set resolutions for the new year to combat the things we don’t do as much, and we think resolutions will help us grow, feel better, and be better people. For some people, that works. However, the data tells us 80% of people give up on resolutions six weeks after the new year.


Perhaps we can look at starting a new year in a different way, like setting INTENTIONS instead of resolutions. After all, looking up “resolution” in the dictionary tells us it means “the act or process to resolve.” In other words, we are setting up a goal that ENDS! Intention means “a determination to act in a certain way.” So, we can choose to behave, think, and approach new goals and learning to create a mindset that fosters change, rather than going into change, believing it ENDS!


Setting intentions can begin by choosing words based on our values that we want to enhance through how we act and behavior every day to learn more. For example, I chose the word “patience” last year. This meant I was going to spend that year exploring my value of “patience” towards myself and others to learn how to behave with more patient actions.


Once we create intention words and explore what those words mean to use, we can develop mindsets around those words as we engage in new activities and learning experiences to create increased space and an opening for learning.


This year, my intention words were “Others,” “Connective,” “Gratitude,” and “Present.” From these words, I began to think about how I want to communicate with others more effectively, create more connective moments, foster gratitude, and collaborate with the present moment to grow and move my mind and body forward.


What are your intention words for this year? How can you grow mentally and physically based on your chosen words?  Join us at 3C to help you turn those intentions of learning into actions!  We appreciate you all and all you have to offer the world. Happy 2021!


Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate. That IS the 3C way.


With compassion, kindness, and appreciation,


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