It's The Hard That Makes It Great

Published on June 16, 2021
by Scott Palasik

Hard is what makes it great ACT To Live Post by Scott Palasik

Baseball season is upon us. I grew up playing some baseball but realized early that I did not care for the long breaks in the outfield between the action. Not to mention my ability to hit a ball was not in my wheelhouse. I’m more of a runner, so soccer and basketball suited me better.


Despite my lack of interest in playing baseball, my favorite sports movies are ironically about the sport. A“League of Their Own,” starring Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Madonna, and Rosie O’Donnell, reinforced many life lessons. One line from this movie that has stuck with me through challenges in my life was said by Tom Hanks’ character (Jimmy Dugan) to Geena Davis’ character (Dotty Hansen) when she wanted to leave baseball, “It’s the hard that makes it great.”


Far too often, many of us avoid our dreams, passions, and hopes because the road to those dreams is lined with obstacles. So then, we focus on the end rather than the growth and experiences we gain along the way. It makes the perception of hard look even harder. This natural fear of hard work to attain goals keeps us unhappy because we are not moving toward those goals.


Instead, we should be focusing on smaller goals along the way that moves us towards our dreams. Not only can creating achievable short-term goals increase continued confidence and achievement toward the big hard dreams, but it can build some momentum. We all know it makes the journey easier and smoother when you build momentum on a paved road.


Yes, the hard is what makes the journey extraordinary. It helps us appreciate how much work we put into achieving our goals. The value of appreciation can further inspire self-growth and feelings of joy.


Go forth and look for challenges, especially the hard ones, with the mindset to go after your dreams. Don’t forget to incorporate those series of small, achievable goals. These goals will add up and eventually build your dreams.


With compassion, kindness, and appreciation of challenges,


Scott Palasik


Co-Host of the Act To Live Podcast

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