For all of us, this year has been one filled with remarkable change, both personally and in our society. The global COVID-19 pandemic has not only caused a significant loss of life, but it has shifted how we work, shop, and conduct ourselves within our communities. Nothing of this depth or scope has happened before in our lifetimes.


While this pandemic has been unprecedented, I remain an eternal optimist. I do believe that we, as a country, and by extension, as a global community, will defeat this virus. Vaccines are being tested, and they will be distributed in the coming months. Individuals of conscience will continue to wear masks, socially distance, and wash their hands. Things will get better.


However, I don’t think we’ll ever go back to “normal,” mainly because the old normal wasn’t working for many people. There is a new awareness about societal issues that must be addressed, and I think we’ll see significant changes in this decade that positively affect racial disparities, environmental challenges, access to healthcare, income inequalities, and pervasive hunger – to name only a few. I look forward to these changes, and I believe that we, as a global community, will experience a rebirth of sorts.


In my role with our company, I also look forward to how 3C will undergo a rebirth. Over two years ago, working with my partners, Scott and Tami, we took the first steps on this journey to build a new company. Honestly, none of us knew the amount of work it would take to have a successful business, and believe me, we’re still learning and adapting. We’ve had several starts and sudden stops along the way.


For example, we had a basic website in the beginning, but we soon realized that we needed a different, more expansive online platform if we wanted to achieve that we envisioned for the company. Essentially, we had to start over. Go back to the basics and start again with a different team of people who could help us.


We’ve spent much of 2020 rebuilding our website and getting the level of functionality we need in place. We also launched two new podcasts, Telepractice Today and EmpowEAR Audiology, and we continued to produce the ACT To Live and The Listening Brain podcasts. We added blogging to the website, and we also have webinars and courses available.


In this year of profound changes, our commitment to building a vibrant and robust company remains undeterred. More importantly, we want you to witness our rebirth and join us on this new journey. Together, I know that we’ll learn from each other, and in the process, we’ll create a company unlike any other.


~K. Todd Houston


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