Did you know that more trusting societies are wealthier and healthier?


It’s true. A prime example is the Netherlands. It currently holds an estimated 70% in social trust. The Netherlands is also ranked as the 17th largest country based on GDP and maintains a high quality of life based on work-life factors. Coincidence?


David Halpern, chief executive of the Behavioural Insights Team, argues it’s not. Instead, he believes that trust plays a more prominent role in the economy and your well-being than we think.


It makes sense when you think about it. Trust is essential when it comes to business and government. Corrupt governments and businesses are untrustworthy, resulting in a lack of profit or productivity. No one wants to partner with someone they don’t trust.


Furthermore, trust is crucial when it comes down to improving physical and emotional health. People with denser social networks, both online and offline, indicate higher trust with others. This network, in turn, helps give support or assists in times of need.


Like a domino, the individual impacts the community. From there, the community influences institutions that span local, regional, and national reach. Everyone is connected in some way. One is all, and all is one.


Although, measuring trust is complicated, especially as populations become more diverse. Age.  Social Class. Race. These factors emphasize our differences instead of our similarities, further estranging people.


So what should we take away from this information? The takeaway is that trusting others isn’t a weakness. Sometimes it may seem like it, but relying on others can positively affect yourself and your surroundings. Don’t let pessimism engulf you. Instead, trust people. They may surprise you.


Trust that your project partner will get their portion done. Trust that your friend will be able to go out for a meal like they promised. Trust that your family will be there to support you.


Have faith. I know it’s hard. It’s hard for me too because I’m a worrier; it’s possible.


I understand that not everyone’s situation is the same, and people can be folly. In that case, I encourage you to assess your life and trust from there. Sure, differences and doubts are barriers to trust. No doubt. Nevertheless, isn’t a wealthier and healthier life worth the risk?


Here at 3C Digital Media Network, we understand the importance of trust. We value each and every relationship because we know it matters. If you want to join our network, keep following our content or consider joining us as a content creator if you are an allied health professional.


Note: This article is a summary and review of a piece done by Freakonomics Podcast: https://freakonomics.com/podcast/social-trust-rebroadcast/.

Photo Source: Pixabay from Pexels


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