Connecting Through Digital Media

Published on April 2, 2021
by Katheryn Frazier

You hear about digital media all the time, but what exactly is it?


Digital media is a broad term for the information that you receive on a desktop or mobile device. Everything you read, watch, or listen to online can be considered digital media. It is more specifically, the digital era that follows traditional media like the newspaper, radio, and even television.


We at 3C Digital Media Network use the following digital media content for our community:

And, this is only the beginning.  3C has a lot more planned!


Digital media is powerful and accessible largely due to technological advances. Wireless connections, algorithms, artificial intelligence, and big data allow all the high accessibility and low cost of disseminating information.


Think about it. How many search queries do you place into Google each day? Better yet, how long do you spend on the internet? If you find your search history long or screen time pretty extensive, you’re not alone. Millions to billions of people look to digital media to inform, entertain, or persuade them somehow.


Digital media broke down conventional barriers that barred the dissemination of information of traditional media like never before in history.


Here at 3C Digital Media Network, our team understands that digital media is a powerful tool that allows people to connect, communicate, and collaborate.


Let’s admit it, there is bad information out there on the internet. 3C Digital Media Network is excited to be where people can find credible information and exchange ideas.


We hope you consider joining our network, whether it’s following our content or creating alongside us.


Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate. That is the 3C way.



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