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3C Digital Media Network offers two affiliates’ programs: Corporate Connections and Unique Connections.


Corporate Connections

3C’s Corporate Connections program offers companies, organizations, and agencies an opportunity to connect with 3C subscribers and content creators.  This marketing opportunity is designed to share the company’s mission, purpose, tools, and resources that can be used to improve outcomes. The funding from this endeavor helps to support 3C’s offering of free resources and content like our podcasts and blogs.  While each Corporate Connections package is customized to meet the needs and offer, 3C subscribers and content creators may receive e-mail blast service use, advertising, event sponsorship, leadership access, and use of the 3C Digital Media Network logo.

The Corporate Connections program is for companies that invest over $10,000 in 3C Digital Media asset purchases in a marketing contract over a one-year time frame.

Examples of Corporate Connections:

  • Sponsor a year-long podcast series with advertisements.
  • Sponsor a year-long blog with resources made free for the public.
  • Webinars and courses.
  • ePublications.


Unique Connections

In addition to the Corporate Connections program, 3C also offers specific product sponsorships for our podcasts, blogs, webinars, courses, and other digital media content.  Unique Connections is the opportunity for a company or agency to obtain some visibility with 3C’s products or online events. The Unique Connections program can offer companies and agencies an opportunity to connect with 3C subscribers and content creators through online events and customize announcements about their companies’ values and offerings.

The Unique Connections program consists of individual engagement opportunities for blogs, vlogs, podcasts, webinars, and courses throughout the year. These individual contracts vary depending on the type and level of engagement.

Examples of Unique Connections:

  • Simulcasts during in-person meetings and conferences.
  • Interviews for podcasts episodes.
  • Advertisement within podcast episodes.
  • Sponsor a series of blog posts.


Affiliates with Services Used by 3C Digital Media Network

3C Digital Media Network pays subscriptions for several programs that support our mission and products.  We have agreements with these companies.  As such, should you decide to partner with these companies, 3C has an opportunity to receive a commission for new subscriptions and renewals if you use our unique link. We appreciate you signing up through our program.



3C is selective in who we partner with in offering the Affiliates Programs.  3C, however, is not responsible for the content of videos, advertisements, promotions, claims, policies, or the quality/reliability of the products, services, or positions offered by external sources. 3C does require companies and agencies who purchase one of our two affiliate agreements to sign a contract that states all expectations and responsibilities. In addition, the contract specifically states:

  1. Any merchandise produced by the company or agency shall be of a quality consistent with 3C’s values and promise;
  2. 3C shall have the right to approve all content to be shared with 3C subscribers and Content Creators, in advance; and
  3. The company or agency shall not use 3C’s or its content creators’ intellectual property in such a manner as to imply or in any manner suggest that 3C endorses the company or agency's products or services.

The 3C Digital Media Network welcomes you to reach out to us to discuss these great opportunities to collaborate. Our email is or complete the contact us form with your questions or comments.  

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