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Paris has weeds!

Admit it. We usually make assumptions based on past experiences or hearsay, but this process usually stifles change and innovation.

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What’s your salt?

Motivation is what causes us to take action. Just like salt, the key in quality is transparency. You know it’s there but you don’t see it.

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Defining Quality

Do you have a definition for quality of care? Let’s turn to the experts instead of Wikipedia to determine the six specific aims of quality.

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I may not always get it right (ask my kids) but that is the beauty of quality improvement!  We take small steps and learn what worked and what didn’t and try again.

Failure is an option, but giving up is not!  After all, things would be very boring if we were all perfect! 

I will share my ah-ha’s, oops, and bloopers.  Please laugh with me and let’s encourage each other in our journey to great things! 

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