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Using Today’s Technology to Meet Diverse Educators & Learners Needs

Another Online Course?

Online learning is here to stay because learning never stops. Dr. Bradham has been involved with distance educations since the early 1990s. Find out her hard lessons learned with teaching…

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What Do You See?

Why do you ask questions? Often it is to get some information, right? But how do you know that you got all the information you needed from the person’s response?…

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What is Allied Health?

Anyone who applies evidence-based practices to help identify problems (or diseases) and provide treatment and support to help a person reach his, her, their fullest potential, then you are probably…

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Luck of the Irish

What does “luck of the Irish” mean? Good fortune? Riches? Good things to come? Can you make “luck” happen? Muzzy and Scott say yes! Find out how.

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Valuing Our Mentors

Mentors come and go throughout life. Teachers especially create a special impact. Click here to read how Todd’s teachers invested in his life.

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Stories from Honest Abe

Do you have a secret strategy you use to help a child learn from their mistake or a student learn content in your class? What did President Lincoln teach…

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Radical Amazement

If you were to choose one or two words to stay motivated as we push ourselves to meet our goals, what would they be? Then, post those words in…

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Experiencing a Rebirth

For all of us, this year has been one filled with remarkable change, both personally and in our society. From this experience, however, we have an opportunity to reflect and…

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November may signify the end of autumn but it can also be the start of a new adventure, a time to take risks, and do the unexpected (like jumping into…

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