Becoming a 3C Content Creator

Share your digital content with students near and far by producing a course, blog, podcast, video, and more.

| What Is a Content Creator?

You are! A Content Creator with 3C is anyone who has an idea they'd like to share on our site. Content Creators produce their own work and share it with all of wonderful website users.

Your potential starts here

Teach what you love

Collaborate with the 3C community

Earn as you educate

It's your course, so teach what you love! You get to help others learn new skills, gain professional development, and earn credentials.

As a Content Creator, you'll gain access to Brainstorm by 3C, our social media platform that allows you to connect with 3C educators like you. Here, you can ask for advice, provide and receive feedback, and grow as an educator.

You earn, we earn. It's a win-win. As students buy your courses, you get paid for sharing what you love.