Definition: A·pril (ˈāprəl) n.

  1. the fourth month of the Gregorian calendar.
  2. associated with the season of spring in the Northern hemisphere and autumn in the Southern hemisphere.


Interesting facts about April:

  • April starts on the same day of the week as July in all years, and January in leap years.
  • April ends on the same day of the week as December every year.


Zodiac Signs:

  • Aries (March 21-April 19)
  • Taurus (April 20-May 20)



  • Daisy (associated with purity and innocence)


Holidays (and there are lots more):

  • National Autism Awareness Month
  • National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month
  • National Humor Month
  • Occupational Therapy Month
  • Stress Awareness Month


While the above is interesting, April is indeed full of surprises! April is just like life – unpredictable in so many ways. It may snow, rain, or turn out to be a beautiful day. The month is full of surprises, but it makes sense.


April is named after the Greek god Aphrodite, the Roman god of love. It was spelled initially Aprilis and means “to open.”  To add to the craziness of April, when you think about the Zodiac signs, you begin to understand the state of confusion. Aries the Ram, a Sun sign, is ruled by the planet Mars, the Roman god of war. Taurus the Bull, an Earth sign, is ruled by the planet Venus, the Roman goddess of love, Aphrodite. Love and war. Sun and Earth. Ram and Bull. Aries and Aphrodite. Watch out!


For me, April is a reminder of new beginnings. When you see the tulips and daffodils blooming in your yards, the tree starting to bud and flower, and the grass starts to turn green, it all signifies growth. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, so we have an opportunity to grow and reflect on what happened. Plans are delayed, so we have to work on our patience. Then again, there are times when we really screw up and have to own up to our mistakes. Ouch! But, in actuality, it is an opportunity for personal growth and learning.


Fortunately, we also have moments when all goes well, and we smile and pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. That didn’t happen by accident! We had to apply ourselves, plan, and work extra hard to accomplish our goal. Naturally, we use what we have learned from previous experiences to minimize any potential defeats or mistakes that could occur or obstruct our path to achieving our goal. Every hardship, dormant times, or uncomfortable moments allows us to grow from the experiences. We are building our resiliency so we can persevere. April means a fresh start and to be open to what is to come.


The other thing I didn’t mention about April above is its birthstone- the diamond. Diamonds, the hardest mineral on Earth. They symbolize honesty, perfection, and opportunity. The energy from a diamond is said to attract wealth, courage, and faithfulness. When you put Aphrodite and diamonds together, well, what’s not to love about April even when times are challenging?


I share these thoughts with you because I want you to know that it is important to do what you love. Find your courage to take a chance or start something new. Also, know that every opportunity you have makes you, well, you!


Being able to be a part of a start-up company that provides a venue for professionals to share best practices that drive outcomes, improve the services that we provide to our patients and clients, and build a professional network that empowers us to be the best we can, brings me much happiness. It gives me a true sense of fulfillment.


Even in the chaos and unpredictable moments, these new beginnings have helped me grow and be a better version of myself. I cherish this time. I am forever grateful to have had this opportunity to continue learning and being surrounded by amazing business partners, fabulous contracting staff, and inspiring content creators. Our company continues to grow each day.


Join the fun and chaos! I promise that you will have plenty of growth and learning opportunities regardless of your role with 3C.


Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate. That is the 3C way.





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