Tamala Bradham @3C

Tamala S. Bradham, Ph.D., DHA, CCC-A, CPPS, CPHQ

Founding Partner & COO

Tamala Bradham @ 3C

For 25 years, Dr. Bradham’s career has always centered on developing and implementing new, innovative service delivery models to improve care delivery.  As a clinician, researcher, published author, and professor, she is a multi talented and multifaceted leader that inspires those around her to deliver best practices based on the current state of knowledge, explore opportunities to improve service delivery, and innovate solutions for the tomorrow.

As a partner with 3C Digital Media Network, Dr. Bradham will connect people with great talents and knowledge to the network, collaborate with others to improve and develop oneself, and communicate with genuine passion and transparency.

Email: tami@3cdigitalmedianetwork.com

Tami's 2021 Reading List

While June 19th is an annual holiday celebrated by many people in America, it wasn't until Tuesday, June 15th when the Senate approved a bill for this annual holiday as a new federal holiday, Wednesday, June 16th, when the House passed the bill, and Thursday, June 17th, when President Biden signed the bill into law. This historic bill now recognizes this annual holiday, Juneteenth, as a new federal holiday.

So, why is this important?

On June 19, 1865, by General Order No. 3, the Federal Government executed its final fulfillment of the terms of the Emancipation Proclamation. All slaves were now free as this day!  While June 19th commemorates the end of slavery and has been celebrated annually for years, it wasn't until 2021 that Federal Government made this a holiday for all governmental employees. As of 2021, self-identified BIPOC makes up 38.5% of the Federal Government workforce (US Goverment, 2021).

Some call this new holiday Independence Day for America, but there is still much to learn and do in creating a community, state, and country that is equitable, safe, trusting, and just. Understanding our history, current events, and envisioning a future state means we need to be open to new knowledge and information, create safe and open communication channels, learn to trust, and be willing to make necessary changes that represent our desired future state.  Our journeys are our own, but together we can create an equitable, safe, trusting, and just America for all. 

I still have much to learn, but it is my start to do better. 

Here is my list of what I have read, seen, or heard so far this year:

My next read:

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