Happy 100th Birthday

Published on July 14, 2021
by Scott Palasik

Scott @ 3C

Happy Birthday! Well, it might not be your actual birthday, but it does feel good to think about celebrating a birthday. Think of the smell and taste of cake, the sound of friends and family singing (usually beautifully off-key), and the smiles of those you love supporting your special day.


Let’s take the visuals from above and picture yourself turning 100 years old. Again, smell the cake, taste the ice cream, imagine the raised glasses of your favorite beverage for all to drink after a proper toast. The person making that toast is the person closest to you emotionally. The person you trust implicitly and has accepted you for all you are. This is a person you love and loves you with joy and smiles in their heart. So, as you picture them toasting you, what would you want them to say about you? And not simply what you think they might say, but what would you want them to say.


Once you picture them toasting you, think about what would you want them to say about you? Not simply what you think they might say, but what you want them to say.


The person toasting might talk a little about your job or hobbies. But, more importantly, this individual would be toasting your wonderful characteristics such as:


  • You were honest
  • You were compassionate
  • You were giving
  • You were caring
  • You were helpful
  • You loved learning and educating others


These words share one commonality- they are all values. What drives our occupations and hobbies is what matters, not necessarily the role. It is the core of our being that matters.


It is crucial to see values as actions we practice for others and ourselves. For example, we often think of being honest for the benefit of others, but in truth, it starts with honesty inwardly. Once an internal movement is made, we can benefit others.


Now it is true, we do forget about our values. Sometimes we might trade being kind, honest, or compassionate for other emotions like anger or ego.


When we get down to it, values are who we are. The more we make our values conscious and mindful, the more we can invoke those values every day.


When you think you’re acting out of character or feel that twinge in your heart of not being true to yourself, think about what you want people to say about you after 100 years of life.


Hopefully, you will come back to those essential values that make you who you are. That way, when people ask you, “Who are you?” you can explain who you are.


Enjoy practicing those values!


With compassion, kindness, and your values,

Scott Palasik

Co-Host of the Act To Live Podcast

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