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Webinar Description

This webinar provides guidance on vocabulary intervention for children with hearing loss that are utilizing hearing technology, such as cochlear implants and/or hearing aids. In the presentation, an overview of vocabulary development in children with and without hearing loss will be explained. Then, a summary of past research will be shared, as well as in-depth findings of more recent studies. Speech-Language Pathologists and Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing will learn about current, research-based strategies and techniques for targeting vocabulary in early intervention, as well as preschool and elementary settings.




Speech-Language Pathologists, Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Auditory-Verbal Therapists

Learning Objectives

Viewers will be:
1) Explain how vocabulary develops in children with normal hearing.
2) Describe how hearing loss impacts the development of vocabulary.
3) List 5 or more current research findings as they relate to vocabulary intervention of children with hearing loss.

About Your Instructor

Stacy Crouse

A dedicated pediatric speech-language pathologist and certified auditory-verbal therapist with 13 years of diverse experiences, including children birth to 21 years of age in both clinical and educational settings. A supportive, proactive, and enthusiastic leader with strong communication and organizational skills. An optimistic collaborator with parents and other professionals. An expert in the area of children who are deaf or hard of hearing.


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