K. Todd Houston

He is currently a Professor of Speech-Language Pathology at The University of Akron. In a career that has spanned nearly 30 years, Dr. Houston has been a photojournalist, an Executive Director/CEO of an international non-profit organization, a clinician, published author, researcher, and an academic. This professional journey has shaped a world-view that embraces diversity and supports engagement across cultures. Dr. Houston has a passion for ensuring that others have an opportunity to fully express themselves. Combining his journalism background with more than two decades of focused work with children and adults impacted by hearing loss, Dr. Houston has co-created a company that is committed to producing a range of content that informs and inspires. Through the 3C Digital Media Network, Dr. Houston will bring together a diverse array of voices who can tell their stories and inspire others to be their very best selves.

In Pursuit Of Creativity

In Pursuit of Creativity

I think to be creative, we must remain curious about every aspect of our lives. We need to see the world as a child does – in a constant state of wonder. Here at 3C, we think that connecting ideas or concepts to create new ways of doing things or addressing a problem is all about creation. We want you to join us to create new content like webinars, courses, or podcasts that will bring new ideas forward. This is an invitation to be creative, share ideas, and produce new digital products. Will you join us?

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